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Crime briefs: Roommate quarrel leads to arrest
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An argument between two roommates that reportedly escalated caused one woman to be arrested.

A report said an officer with the Covington Police Department responded to West Street around 7:30 p.m. Feb. 22 in reference to an assault.

The officer spoke with a woman who was found sitting outside on the front porch with the front door open. Behind her a metal pole was seen at the bottom of the stairs.

The woman reportedly told the officer that she had been living at the residence with a friend of hers, another woman identified as Margaret Watkins, and two other individuals for about three weeks.

She said she had done some laundry for everyone in the home that day and had the items sitting downstairs on the couch.

Watkins, who reportedly was upstairs, yelled downstairs to ask the woman where her washcloth was.

The woman said she walked to the bottom of the stairs to tell Watkins that she did not know where her washcloth was. According to the report, that’s when Watkins reportedly began to call the woman obscene words and accused her of stealing her belongings.

The woman said she became defensive and also called Watkins obscene words, before the two began arguing.

The woman said during the argument, Watkins grabbed a metal pole and intentionally threw it down the stairs at her, striking the woman in the left arm. The officer reportedly saw a mark on the woman’s left arm, between her elbow and wrist, where swelling had begun.

While the officer was talking to the woman, Watkins walked downstairs and told the officer that she noticed some of her belongings have gone missing, and that she believed the woman had taken them. But Watkins said she didn’t report the theft to police.

According to the report, Watkins said she did argue with the woman and threw the metal pole at her.

Watkins was arrested and charged with battery under the Family Violence Act.

Man found with marijuana after tip

A person who asked deputies to remain anonymous reportedly noticed a man parked at a vacant residence with marijuana. A deputy with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to an address on Deep Springs Way around 1 a.m. Monday in reference to a suspicious call. According to the report, an individual told deputies that an unknown vehicle was parked in the driveway at the residence. As a result of the investigation, Carlon Alexander, of McDonough, was found in a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee parked at the residence. He was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana.

Car reportedly stolen from driveway

A woman reported Tuesday that her car was stolen from her home. A NCSO deputy was dispatched to the Silos subdivision, where a woman said she had taken her children to school. She told the deputy that she thought her husband had parked the vehicle in the garage. However, when the woman returned home she asked her husband if he parked the vehicle in the garage and he told her he didn’t. She then called to report a theft.