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Crime Briefs: Pants in the trunk
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A man driving without his pants was arrested late Saturday night for DUI.

Officers noticed a car being driven by Tyler Ryan Campbell driving erratically and stopped the driver. When the officer approached the vehicle, he noticed that Campbell was wearing only his underwear.

When questioned, Campbell reportedly told the officer, "Yeah, I know, I pulled out in front of that car, and I know I must look silly, but I fell into the lake earlier and all my clothes are wet."

He said his license was in the trunk, along with his clothes.

The officer noted that he could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from Campbell, and that he appeared to be "somewhat drowsy and confused." Campbell agreed to sobriety tests, which were administered after the officer had him put his pants back on.

After failing the one-leg stand test twice, Campbell reportedly told the officer he was unable to do the test and didn’t want to take anymore.

He was then arrested and charged with DUI and red light violation.

Share a Coke?

A son was arrested Monday afternoon for allegedly hitting his mother in the face with a Coca Cola bottle.

Officers were called to the home on Conyers Street where they met with the victim who said her son Christopher Rogers, had hit her, throwing a Coca Cola bottle and hitting her in the face with it.

At that point, mother and son began arguing once again and Rogers reportedly admitted to throwing the drink container in her direction, but that he didn’t hit his mother.

His mother allegedly told officers that the two were arguing because her son asked if his girlfriend could stay there that night and she refused to allow it.

His mother left, and Rogers brought his girlfriend into the home anyway, according to reports. When his mother returned, she wanted the girlfriend to leave. Shortly thereafter, she said, her son threw the bottle at her.

Rogers was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.