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Crime Briefs - June 20
Gunshot heard behind building leads to arrest
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An alleged gunshot heard behind the old Ozone bar and grill led to law enforcement seizing drugs from inside a man's vehicle on Monday.

When officers observed a white male getting into a vehicle in a vacant parking lot and about to drive away, they approached him. As they approached the vehicle, they allegedly saw a white female lying in the front passenger seat. Officers asked for ID and why they were on the property.

As law enforcement officials spoke with the driver Paul Allen Okonski, they noticed the passenger lay back and go to sleep. Officers asked for her ID and they noticed she was allegedly acting sluggish and her eyes were red. She did not smell of alcohol but she was allegedly clutching two pill tablet packs containing 20 pills in each issued by Walton County Jail. All but four pills were gone. Police asked for identification once more and she allegedly said she did not have any.

They asked her for her name and date of birth. She allegedly said her name was Brooke D. Jones and gave a date of birth. There were not any warrants that came up under that name. Officers then noticed on the pill packs was the name Brooke Brown. While searching her purse, an ID was found in her wallet. It had the name Brooke Milford on it. They found there was a warrant for her in Newnan, Ga. She was then placed under arrest for the warrant.

Officers then allegedly found a Marlboro Black cigarette pack with a glass meth pipe that had residue and a plastic baggie with a small amount of marijuana, all under the driver's seat.

The contraband was seized and Okonski waived his rights and agreed to talk to police. Okonski said he did not know about the drugs in the vehicle.

Parents report missing juvenile
Parents reported their 12-year-old daughter was allegedly missing early Tuesday morning.

The father told police he had searched the house and found the downstairs back room window open. He then told his wife to call 911.

When officers were checking with neighbors to see if they had seen the juvenile, the father called out that his daughter was with him in the front yard of their house. Officers returned and saw the juvenile standing beside her father, allegedly sweating and breathing hard as if she had been running. After several minutes of questioning, the juvenile finally stated she was allegedly down the street in a silver truck belonging to Tyler Griffin. When asked what they had been doing, she replied saying they had just been talking. The juvenile then allegedly stated she had met Griffin on a family camping trip about four weeks prior. She also said she had been talking with Griffin on the phone the last few weeks.

The juvenile stated she tried to hide the fact she was gone by putting pillows under her bed sheets.

Police asked her if Griffin had talked about anything sexual or asked her to do sexual things. The juvenile said no. She told police they had been talking for about 20 minutes before she saw her father and the police cars.

The father told police he was not convinced his daughter was telling the truth and said he was taking her to the emergency room to be seen by a doctor. He then transported his daughter to Newton Medical Hospital.

Domestic dispute over child eating headphones
Police were dispatched to America's Best Value Inn on Monday when a woman allegedly attacked her ex-boyfriend with a broom and knife.

Upon arrival at the scene, officers secured the knife and made contact with Shakeyma Aiesha Bivins and William Oliver Holly. Holly stated that he and his girlfriend Shantell Freeman was allegedly staying with his ex-girlfriend, Bivins. He allegedly asked Bivins to watch her son because her son was eating his headphones. He then stated that Bivins allegedly became upset and told him and Freeman to get out.

Holly said that when he was trying to leave, Bivins allegedly tried to start a fight and kept "getting in his boundaries." He said when he pushed Bivins off, she allegedly bit him on the back of the neck. Holly stated that once he went outside of the room and was walking away, she approached him with a broom. He said that "some guy" stopped her from using the broom and when she went back into the room, she allegedly got a knife and came towards him but never touched him with the knife.

Bivins told police the argument allegedly began over Holly always accusing her son of taking/breaking his things. She told them to leave because Holly and Freeman were not suppose to be staying with her anyway.

She allegedly told Holly to give her phone back but he allegedly refused and threw the phone against the wall and broke it. She then stated that he allegedly grabbed the knife and attempted to stab her but the knife landed next to the bed. She said that Holly then allegedly hit her in the face and throat and that is why she bit him on the neck. She admitted to allegedly chasing him with the knife when he was trying to leave because she did not want him to leave prior to the police getting there.

Freeman allegedly told police a story that was similar to Holly's statement.

Anthony Wright, who was staying in a room down the hall, stated that he allegedly saw Bivins with the knife, so he grabbed her arm and took the knife out of her hand. Two other witnesses said they allegedly saw Bivins with the knife.

Officers noticed two small cuts on the back of Holly's neck and Bivins' eye was swollen. Also, her cell phone was found to be damaged.

Bivins was arrested for aggravated assault with a knife and Holly was arrested for simple battery and criminal trespass.