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Crime Briefs - July 11
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An unidentified person allegedly spray painted the sidewalk in front of the Newton County Library on Friday.
Lace Keaton told police of the alleged incident on Friday morning, stating the words "Gangsta Killa" was written on the concrete. A crown and another symbol were also allegedly spray painted on the front benches in front of the library.

Man asks girlfriend for $3; situation turns violent
Timothy Stovall told police he asked his girlfriend Shellie Dukes, for $3 and she allegedly began yelling at him, claiming he did not contribute to the bills.

Dukes then called her cousin Tameka, who also allegedly began to yell at Stovall when she arrived at the residence.
When Tameka finished yelling, she allegedly left the residence with Dukes.

Stovall then received a phone call from Dukes saying her son Damien Dukes, and two other people were on their way to the residence.

Dukes allegedly walked to the front door and knocked. When Stovall opened the door, Dukes allegedly pushed past him and went to the bedroom. Dukes retrieved a pistol and allegedly pointed it in Stovall's face, using explicit language.
Stovall then allegedly threatened to call the police. Dukes then proceeded to leave in a black Ford Taurus with the two other men.

Stovall then told police the car traveled west on Green Street and turned left on Ga. Highway 36. Stovall also told police Dukes was probably headed to a house in Covington.

He also said Dukes was wearing a white T-shirt. One of the other men who Stovall identified as Money, was wearing a black T-shirt and the other man, Rudy, was wearing a red T-shirt and a red hat.

Thefts reported at recycling center
Officers received anonymous tips stating people have been allegedly going inside the Dial Mill Recycling Center after hours and stealing items from the bins.

Officers approached the recycling center on Sunday night and parked a short distance away so they could see if anyone was going to go inside.

They then saw two white males inside the locked fence allegedly throwing items out of a large metal bin.

Both of the male suspects were allegedly inside the bulk waste bins, digging around to see what items they could take.

Of the items that two men were listed as stealing were stereo speakers, a wall mount speaker and miscellaneous wires.

Woman arrested on driving charges
Police responded to a motor vehicle accident after a woman improperly backed her out of her driveway on Thursday. 

Officers spoke with Kimberly Jewell Flowers upon arrival. Flowers said she allegedly backed away from her driveway and into a vehicle that was parked on the curb in the street.

Flowers' information was checked and officers noticed she had a suspended license. Flowers also allegedly admitted her insurance had lapsed.

Flowers was placed under arrest and charged with driving with a suspended license, no insurance and improper backing.

Man assaulted by gang
An alleged gang assaulted a Covington man on Thursday on Magnolia Heights Circle.

The man told police he was out walking his dog when approximately eight black males "jumped him."

The man said one of the males allegedly asked him about his brother. He also said one of the black males shouted they were apart of the Creek gang.