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Crime briefs for 5/17/2012
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When a Newton County officer arrived at the scene of a family fight, Cleshawn Jackson approached him. The officer observed a white female crying and screaming with blood on her left cheek.

Jackson told the officer that when he came out of a room in the house, he saw Maurice Armstead on Jenna Martin with her feet in the air. Jackson said he restrained Armstead.

While the officer checked on Martin, Armstead came out of the house and told the officer to arrest him. As he approached the officer, Armstead tossed two cell phones in opposite directions saying he was the one who hit Martin and put his hands around her throat.

Armstead was arrested for battery. After being placed in the patrol vehicle, he told Jackson, "I would have killed her had you not been there."

Traffic stop ends with arrest of drug dealer

A Covington officer pulled over a black Honda Accord. When the officer approached the driver Neko Lawrence, the officer smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from the car. The officer asked if Lawrence was in possession of any illegal drugs and he said no.

The officer asked Lawrence to exit the vehicle and he began reaching behind the passenger seat. The officer removed his Taser telling Lawrence to show his hands. He complied but began reaching behind the seat again. The officer then retrieved his gun giving verbal commands for Lawrence to show his hands again. Lawrence then tried to open the center console of the vehicle. The officer instructed him to get out and place his hands on top of the vehicle.

Lawrence told the officer that he had a blunt in his front right pocket. When the officer reached in his pocket, he pulled out a plastic bag of marijuana and a bag of ecstasy. While the officer searched the rest of the car, he found a set of scales under the driver's seat.

Lawrence was arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of a Schedule I drug with intent to distribute and headlight requirement.

Past homeowner allegedly repossesses parts of foreclosed home

When a Newton County officer arrived at a call of a burglary, the son of the homeowner told the officer the past owner was foreclosed on. However, his father allowed the past owner to live in the house until he was able to find somewhere else to live.
A few days prior, he noticed most of the past owner's personal belongings were moved from the residence.

That day, when the father returned home, several objects from the property were gone. The items missing were landscape stones, shrubs, the shower head and glass shower door from the master bathroom, a ceiling fan from a bedroom, the shower head and glass shower door from the hallway bathroom, a towel rack, a toilet paper holder and bi-fold doors from the hallway closet.

The present homeowner changed the locks.

Profanity etched into car door

One morning, the owner of a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee discovered someone had scratched the driver's side of his vehicle from the front tire to the back tire. On the front and rear door of the driver's side, someone had etched "I LUV [expletive]."

Former student returns to school, trespassing second time

While on duty at Newton County High School, someone discovered Malquon Waithe, former student on campus. Waithe was found in the hallway talking with students. He had been issued a criminal trespass warning in November 2011 when he was found in a classroom.