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Crime Briefs: Ex makes harassing calls
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A Covington man stated on Monday that his ex-girlfriend was allegedly threatening to "shoot the house up."

The complainant Christopher Jabriel Jones, told police that he broke up with his girlfriend Friday. On the date of the above complainant, his ex-girlfriend said she and her new boyfriend were allegedly going to come down to his parents house and "shoot the house up." They allegedly did not give a reason for their threats.

Law enforcement advised Jones not to answer anymore calls from her and to take necessary steps if she continues to harass him.

Man arrested for aggravated stalking

Cassandra Catlett stated her ex-boyfriend Torian Benton, allegedly came to her apartment and threw water in her face, beginning an argument on Friday.

Catlett stated she had gone to a neighbor's house and when she returned, she found Benton allegedly standing in her kitchen drinking a glass water. She told police she had a temporary protective order against Benton and he was supposed to stay away from her.

She showed law enforcement the water on the floor and the cup Benton was drinking water from when he allegedly threw the water in her face.

Catlett also provided explicit text messages allegedly sent from Benton.

Benton was not allegedly at the residence when police arrived, but they confirmed his ID with two witnesses. When police received a call from Benton 20 to 30 minutes later, he allegedly stated he had never been at Catlett's address. After speaking with Benton, police did not receive a definite response to whether he would be coming to give his side of the story.

Upon arriving at the police station, Benton was waiting in the lobby. He maintained that he had not been at Catlett's residence. Benton was told that two women saw him getting into his vehicle in front of Catlett's residence and police also confronted him about the explicit text messages he had sent to Catlett. Benton was reminded of the temporary protective order he had against him, but Benton protested saying he had only texted Catlett to speak with her about picking up his children. Benton also allegedly blamed another person for some of the text messages sent.

Due to evidence of Benton violating the temporary protective order and the threatening nature of his text messages to Catlett, Benton was placed under arrest for aggravated stalking.

Woman arrested for consumption of alcohol under 21
A male and a female were found laying on the ground in front of a residence on Forest Drive on Saturday after police were called to the scene of an argument.

Upon arriving at the scene, police ordered the male to get off the female. It was then allegedly determined that the male and the female were a couple and were not fighting.

The female, Hallie Walker, stated that she had allegedly been in a verbal argument with another female. The male, Robert Young, stated they had been at "The Depot" that night drinking. When they went to the Forest Drive residence, Walker and the other female began to argue. The other female left the scene prior to the arrival of the officer.

It was noticed by the officer that Walker allegedly smelled of an alcoholic beverage. Walker was asked her age and she stated she was 19 years old. When asked if she had been drinking, she allegedly admitted she had consumed alcohol. Walker was then given an Alco-Sensor check and Walker failed the check, registering alcohol on her breath.

Walker was arrested and charged with consumption of alcohol under 21.