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Crime: Arrrrr you driving drunk, sir?
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A Covington man was arrested early Sunday morning after reportedly drinking and driving on Ga. Highway 36.

A deputy with the Newton County Sheriff's Office first noticed 34-year-old Jeramy Keith Knight crossing the fog line over a bridge at the Yellow River, nearly striking the concrete barrier several times. When they stopped him, reports indicate Knight was "moving very sluggish and could not hold his head still," and that "his eyes were glassy and bloodshot and I could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person."

Before deputies could begin sobriety tests with Knight, he reportedly told them he "had a peg leg and could not do a walking test." The deputy could not do several tests because Knight "did not wish to continue since he had a peg leg." He did reportedly agree to take a breath test and blew a .303, according to reports. Knight was charged with DUI and failure to maintain lane.

Blueberries and Christmas decorations

An allegedly chronic shoplifter was charged once again Monday afternoon after reportedly stealing more than $76 worth of merchandise from Kroger.

Tresa Deshawn Johnson, 38, was charged with felony theft by shoplifting due to five prior convictions for shoplifting, and giving a false name to an officer.

Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to the store where they spoke with an employee who said she saw Johnson select several items and conceal them in an empty Kroger bag. She then reportedly went through self checkout and purchased some things, then put all of the bags in her cart and leave the line.

However Johnson appeared to have noticed she was being watched, according to reports, and went back into the store, placing several items back onto the shelves. When she left the store with items still unpaid for, she was stopped. She initially gave officers a different last name, according to reports, but finally admitted to her real name.

Johnson had allegedly attempted to steal five packages of blueberries, one pack of plates, a book, a package of plastic wrap, a pound of asparagus and two packs of garland.