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CPD K9 holds man who attacks wife
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Covington Police K-9 Sultan tracked down a man who had reportedly threatened his wife at the Holiday Inn on the Access Road Thursday, and held him for the arrest.

The Covington Police Department responded to a call from a female, who was yelling and screaming for help, just before 11 p.m. When CPD arrived and made contact with the female, who according to reports appeared to be very upset, she told them her and her husband got into a verbal argument in their room. She told police her husband was jealous because she cooked for some men that he worked with.

The woman then told police that she became scared and ran out of the room.

According to reports her husband chased after her and grabbed her by the neck very aggressively and had her pushed up against the rail of the fourth floor drop-off, trying to push her over. A witness also described a similar scene. Police reported seeing red marks on her neck and scratched on her back, with her shirt ripped almost off.

According to reports a guest of the hotel came out of his room and yelled at the man to stop, and warned that the police were on their way.

The man then released her and fled down the stairs in his boxer shorts and exited the hotel.

The man, Jerry Mosley, then fled on foot. Sultan was then called in and began to track. According to reports Sultan was deployed at 11:38 p.m. to check the wooded area on the east side of the Holiday Inn. Sultan then, reportedly, entered the woodline and began moving southeast before showing behavior indicated he detected “fresh human odor.”

According to reports Sultan, who was on a 15-foot lead appeared surprised and walked right onto a human lying in the tall grass. The male in the grass, later identified as Mosley raised up quickly and sultan engaged him by a bite and hold on the left upper thigh area.

Mosley immediately began struggling with the K9, grabbing his head and face area. After several commands from the officer, Mosely released his hold and Sultan was called off. Mosley was then instructed to turn face down and place his hands behind his back and arrested for aggravated assault, family violence.