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Covingtons 4-H rein-lambs bring Santa to town
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Legend has it that Santa's reindeer just couldn't hack it in Australia.

The outback heats up as Christmas approaches, and Blitzen's fur was just too much for the Australian summer.

So some old, white kangaroos stepped in to save Christmas, and ever since Santa's sleigh has been pulled by six white boomers.

I did see plenty of albino kangaroos in Australia in the zoos and wildlife refuges we visited, but I saw far more sheep.

In fact, the sheep looked a bit more energetic and tough.

Funny, then, that only in Covington do rein-lambs deliver Santa.

Don't miss Santa's arrival on Thursday night on the Covington square, as 10 4-H rein-lambs lead him here.

Someone told me once you've done something three times, it's a tradition so we can now officially call rein-lambs a Covington tradition.

As much as I loved seeing the fake snow on the square a few weeks ago, I think rein-lambs are still cooler.

Arrive early, and don't forget all the parking available around downtown Covington, including the parking deck on Elm Street.

You'll want a great seat to see entertainment by local youth and adult musicians and performers leading up to Santa's arrival.

Bring your camera for a photo opportunity, or to capture the magic of the Courthouse being lit up.

It's also a great time to bring your wallet to start shopping locally for this holiday season. Square merchants will be open late on Thursday for your shopping pleasure.

I find it's a great time to tour stores I usually don't visit to see what they have available. I've found some neat surprises in previous years.

Maybe we should create a song about rein-lambs. I'll start you thinking with Australia's Six White Boomers (search YouTube for a fun video!).

Terri Kimble is the Newton County 4-H Agent through UGA Cooperative Extension. She can be reached at (770) 784-2010 or