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Covington Place goes 1 way on Oct. 31
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Covington Place will be one way only for automotive traffic on Halloween night, thanks to a compromise between the neighborhood and Covington public safety officials.

The original plan was to close streets in Covington Place for trick-or-treating Oct. 31, but public safety was concerned about emergency vehicles being able to get through if needed.

The result was to make one way traffic flow from west to east, starting at Deering Street. Traffic will flow from the north entrance on crest View Drive to Plantation Trace and go out to Hwy. 142. All side streets will be blocked off, except for Fairway, in which cars will be allowed to go through in a clockwise direction and back out through the pool parking lot and exiting down Plantation Trace.

The traffic flow change, from 5-9:30 p.m. on Oct. 31 was approved unanimously by the Covington City Council Monday.
Covington Police Chief Stacey Cotton said there will be four off-duty officers to handle traffic, and on-duty officers to help out and “do law enforcement duties.”

Also, only golf carts permitted by the City of Covington will be allowed on the streets.

“It meets the public safety needs, in that we will have a presence in there and allow traffic to flow,” Cotton said. “And if there is an emergency situation it gives us room to pull cars off to the side of the street and get those vehicles through there.”

Clarks Grove

Clarks Grove will have its streets closed between 5-9 p.m. Oct. 31.

Hunt Street, Pratt Street and Swan Street will all be closed Halloween night.

"Clarks Grove's residents welcome all children to visit the neighborhood that night and are only concerned about the danger to children caused by heavy car traffic in such a small space," said Frank Turner Director of the Clarks Grove Homeowners Association in a letter to the Covington city council. "The danger of an accident is significant. We have hundreds of children visit the neighborhood over a short period of time.

"Outside visitors on foot are welcome and can park cars on Clark Street at the Episcopal Church or at the armory."