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Covington council OKs 2021-2022 budget
Records show nearly $14 million increase from previous year
Covington City Council — 6-21-21
Members of the Covington City Council conduct their business during a regularly scheduled meeting Monday, June 21, 2021. (Contributed Photo | Vimeo)

COVINGTON, Ga. — Council members unanimously approved a $142 million budget Monday night for the city to operate with over the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

According to records provided by the city, the budget amount was a nearly $14 million increase from the previous fiscal year. For 2020-2021, the budget was $128 million.

While estimated revenues for the city totaled $142,509,003 for the new year, expenditures were totaled at $142,104,611, leaving $404,392 earmarked as contingency funds.

The majority of the budget increase appeared to be mostly pointed toward salary increases for city employees across nearly all departments. Exceptions were the mayor and council salaries ($72,000 — no change), Utility Billing/Meter Reading employees salaries ($266,265 — decrease of $57,384), Auto Repair Shop employees salaries ($243,860 — decrease of $30,659), and Cemetery and Parks employees salaries ($80,847 — decrease of $16,862).

The city estimated a slight decrease in general property tax revenue for the new fiscal year ($5.3 million) than the previous year ($5.4 million).

The local option sales tax and federal sales tax revenue was anticipated to increase by about $800,000 in 2021-2022.

The police department will have an annual operating expense of $8.8 million — the highest of all departments — followed by the fire department’s expense total of $6.3 million. The city’s street department will try to operate with a cap of $1.94 million. 

Other notable expense totals by department:

• Administration: $1.6 million.

• Planning & Zoning: $1.3 million.

• Engineering: $1.1 million.

• Marketing/Communications: $1.03 million.

• Elected Officials: $543,591.

• Economic Development: $226,699.

• Recreation: $132,369.

A full copy of the city’s 2021-2022 budget may be seen by clicking the link below:

City of Covington — Approved Budget for Fiscal Year 2021-2022

The new fiscal year begins July 1.