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Covered, smothered and serenaded

Waffle House is known for serving up such classics as waffles, hash browns and patty melts but at one Waffle House, located on Highway 278 at State Route 142, one cook also offers up a heaping helping of music with every meal.

Ron Burton, or as he likes to be called, Ron B Music, has worked for Waffle House on and off for around 20 years now.

During that time Burton shares his musical gift with his customers while cooking them a good meal.

“Sometimes people just come to hear me sing,” Burton said. “They ask for a song, I’ll sing it for them just to make them happy.”

His love with music started long before he signed his application at Waffle House. Burton began singing at the age of five when he saw his brother singing and wanted to be just like him. Burton then started to sing in his local church and then professionally with a wide range of artists. Some of the professional artists Burton performed with are Euclid Grey, an actor in the stage version of Tyler Perry’s “Meet the Browns,” Katrina Love and Synergy. He has also been an opening act for groups like Outkast and performed at a wide range of venues, from Atlanta to Manhattan.

“I do a lot of work with local artists, like Oxford Mobb,” Burton said.

Burton’s love and enthusiasm for music has not diminished despite the smaller stage of a Waffle House kitchen than some of the other venues he has performed in. That love and enthusiasm is part of the reason he shares his talent at Waffle House.

The other is the joy he gets from making people happy.

“Getting to see people leave with a smile, that makes it all worth [it],” he said.

Burton’s singing puts his customers in a better mood than when they walked in, whether they are having a request fulfilled, singing along or just enjoying his musical addition to their dining experience.

He even goes the extra mile by sometimes freestyling parodies of popular songs, such as a version of “My Girl,” by the Temptations, called “My Waffle,” where he replaces some of the words of the song with popular menu items, or a version of Drake's Hotline Bling with a similar breakfast theme.

Asked about his favorite song to sing, he said “Always and Forever,” by Heat Wave.

“The subject I like to sing the most about is love, since love is one of those things that everything can understand,” Burton said.

Burton’s praises aren't just self-sung. When asked, customers say that not only does he have a great voice, he is a great worker who always tries his best to make his meals perfect. Burton takes pride in his cooking, he says.

Along with singing, cooking is one of the things that he’s been doing his entire life.

Burton’s singing can be heard most days at Waffle House on 8329 Highway 278 on most days, and if he’s in the kitchen, it’s guaranteed that he’ll be serenading the whole restaurant.

Burton will be singing at a Valentine’s Day dinner hosted by the Waffle House.

“It will be a whole lot of fun,” Burton said. “Really, you won’t want to miss it.”