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Courthouse offers modern spin on an old style
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The Historic Courthouse has gotten a retro look for the Fourth of July. The red, white and blue bunting is in a style that adorned the courthouse about 1908 for an endurance car race, according to Cheryl Delk, special projects coordinator for the Newton County Commission. The image was from a period postcard from Gary Doster that Delk came across that is part of the GeorgiaInfo collection (see it here).

It was an image of a Savannah Auto Club race and was believed to have been taken about 1908. According to GeorgiaInfo, the date was determined by a bit of historical sleuthing: The flag has 45 stars (that puts it at 1896 to 1908), and there is a note on the back of the postcard, which apparently was barred by federal law until 1907.