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Court sentencings - June 15
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Maurice S. Forman. Misdemeanor obstruction, 12 months probation, 10 days confinement, $1,000.


Wivelyne Jean-Pierre. Misdemeanor obstruction, 12 months probation, $300.

Thomas B. Watson. Felony burglary, 20 years probation, 5 years confinement, $1,000. Banished from Newton County.

Nakia Green. First degree forgery, 10 years probation, 130 days Newton County Jail, $1,000. Stay away order, banished from Newton County.

Bobby Joe C. Strickland. Violation of probation, balance revoked to prison. Theft by receiving felony, 10 years probation, 3 years confinement, $1,000.

Rodney O. Perry. Child molestation, nolle pross. Sexual battery, 5 years probation, one year confinement, $1,000. Stay away order.

Calvin M. Thomas. Violation of probation, 180-240 days detention center.

Calvin M. Thomas. Family Violence Act battery, 12 months probation consecutive to any now serving, $1,000.

Steven Hamby. Felony burglary. 10 years probation, 180-240 days detention Center, $1,000. Stay away order.

Tony White Jr. Family Violence Act battery, nolle pross. Disorderly conduct, 12 months probation, $500. Disorderly contact, nolle pross.

Steven C. Smith. Cruelty to children, 20 years probation, 5 years confinement, $1,000. Simple battery, 12 months confinement. Hindering 911 call, 12 months confinement. Disorderly conduct, 12 months confinement. Stay away order. Terroristic threats, 5 years confinement. Battery, 12 months confinement. Cruelty to children, 12 months confinement. Misdemeanor Theft by Taking, 12 months confinement.

Steven C. Smith. Terroristic threats, 5 years confinement. Terroristic threats, 12 months confinement. Influencing witness, dismissed.

Steven W. Pinkston. Misdemeanor possession of marijuana. 12 months probation, 48 hours confinement, $500. Driving without license, 12 months probation consecutive, $200. No proof of insurance, 12 months probation consecutive, $200. Expired tag, 12 months probation concurrent, $200. Underage possession of alcohol, 12 months probation, concurrent, $200. First Offender Treatment. Community service.