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Sharon Sawyer resigns from SWMA
Sharon Sawyer

COVINGTON, Ga. – Sharon Sawyer tendered her resignation from the Newton County Solid Waste Management Authority (SWMA) at the end of the Authority’s Thursday meeting.

Citing family health issues that demand her attention, Sawyer told members how much she has enjoyed serving and wished the SWMA the best.

“It’s been a joy to work with the authority, but I have to give my resignation, “she said. “The landfill has been very dear to me, trying to get it resolved, some of the problems and issues that we had out there. But we have come a long, long way.

“I hope that the Solid Waste Authority will be successful. I’m praying that they do. It’s been a pleasure. I’m glad to be able to serve the county.”

SWMA Chairman Wayne Haynie praised Sawyer’s work on the authority.

“Back to the original citizen’s committee, Sharon was on there and did a lot of good work then. She brought a conscious to our group and understanding of things that a number of us did not understand before,” he said.

Commissioner Lanier Sims was among the other members who thanked Sawyer for her service, first to the citizen’s committee and then to the SWMA.

“A lot of people don’t understand how much time we put in as elected officials until they become part of one of these citizen’s committees,” he said addressing Sawyer.  “It’s meeting after meeting, it’s studying hundreds of pages of documents and you did all of this for no pay. So thank you.”

Sawyer was the SWMA’s District 4 representative. Haynie said that her resignation letter had been sent to District 4 Commissioner J.C. Henderson.

Sawyer’s resignation leaves the SWMA with two vacancies. Covington Mayor Ronnie Johnston resigned April 24.