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Convenience Centers to remain open through June

Newton County’s 11 Trash Collection Convenience Centers will remain open until June 30, months after the current contract with Junior Hilliard General Services ends on Feb 5.

County employees will man the centers as the county continues to look for ways to improve its collection program. Newton County is going through the Temp Agency Focus Georgia, which will have employees ready for a training session on Monday, and to begin work Tuesday.

Newton County residents have been charged a fee of $50 for the centers since October via a vehicle hang tag, which was sold with a printed expiration date of June 30. On Nov. 15 the board of commissioners voted to not renew its current contract for the centers’ operation as the county transitions away from Convenience Centers as the its waste collection service.

The county is currently hiring temporary employees to operate the centers through June, with the transition to take place from contracted employees shortly.

The centers’ hours are Tuesday through Friday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The centers locates are as follows:

Piper Road/Highway 36 – 10545 Highway 36

Bypass/Flat Shoals – 11575 Covington Bypass Road

Stewart VFD – 14645 Highway 36

Stone Road – 70 Stone Road

Highway 212/Highway 162 – 2010 Highway 212

Hazelbrand Road – 11585 Hazelbrand Road

McGiboney Road – 518 McGiboney Road

Oak Hill Road- 112 Oak Hill Road

Adams Circle – 2010 Adams Circle

Dial Mill Road – 325 Dial Mill Road

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