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Convicted murder's brother arrested
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Police arrested Jamarcus Pridgett, the younger brother of convicted murderer Jamaal Pridgett, late Friday morning, after he reportedly tied up and assaulted his girlfriend.

Pridgett’s mother was the one who witnessed the incident and called 911. She allegedly told officers that her son had been “acting up” all morning. At one point, Pridgett’s mother said her son had come into her room asking for a cigarette and when she told him she didn’t have one he asked for her car keys. She told him she would get them for him later and instead of waiting, he reached into her purse and took the keys. 

When she confronted her son about going into her purse and her car without permission, Pridgett’s mother reportedly told officers that her son shoved her and cursed and yelled at her before heading into the house and beginning to argue with his girlfriend.

According to reports, Pridgett’s mother told officers she saw her son grab his girlfriend by the hair and drag her into a bedroom. She said she heard the girl screaming at Pridgett to “stop choking her and to let her go.”

As officers spoke with his mother, Pridgett was allegedly standing in the living room and “continuously acting angry and trying to interrupt his mother while she was explaining the incident.” When they opened the bedroom door they found Pridgett’s girlfriend lying on the bed not wearing a shirt.

Pridgett was arrested and charged with battery under the Family Violence Act and false imprisonment.