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Consignment shop reopens after 4 years
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Taryn Robbins opened a consignment shop for children’s clothes, toys and equipment in 1990 but had to close her doors in 2010. Now the chalkboard outside her new store says “open,” and she plans to keep it that way.

Hidden Secrets Consignment, located at 2135 Pace Street in Morgan Plaza, is re-open as of last Wednesday, offering buy and sell opportunities for parents with any age child.

“It’s in my blood,” said Robbins of her decision to open her store in the same plaza she began in after closing due to the economy and her health. “I’m ready to start over again.”

Robbins said she used to sell her children’s old clothes on the couch in piles organized by size. Then people started asking her to sell their children’s clothes. There must be something to this, she said she thought.

The store doesn’t just accept children’s apparel and equipment. She will sell adult jeans and name brand clothing for teens and will give the owner 50 percent of the sales. Items usually range from $1 to $7. She does not charge a set-up fee and said the percentage she gives back to the seller is higher than in other consignment shops nearby. She also does not require an appointment to come in and sell your clothes.

She runs the store with her son, Trey Robbins, who is the manager.

Robbins said she enjoys meeting new people who come into her store. Some of them have become her good friends.
Although her children are really no longer children – they are 32, 34 and 36 years old and have given her eight grandchildren – Robbins still has a play area in the corner of her store. She used to bring her kids in to play there, but now other families can use the area.

She said her mother thought of the name and it just stuck. Some people call in thinking she runs a lingerie store, but she said her space could not be more opposite.

When she closed in 2010, she had to sell everything she had in the store, so she said she “pretty much started all over.” Now she is in a space half the size, but it is not lacking in opportunity.