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Troutman resigns from council position
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MANSFIELD, Ga. – Mansfield City Councilwoman Ashlan Troutman has submitted her resignation letter for her elected position after selling her home in Mansfield and moving to a location outside the city’s limits.

“When I purchased my first house in 2015, I was naïve and underestimated the maintenance a 115-year-old house would require,” she said in a statement to The Covington News. “As a young, single female who has a full-time job, I was not able to care for the house in the manner it deserved.

“Mansfield is a beautiful, historic town and the structures in the town need to be preserved. I was given the opportunity to move to a family property in Jasper County – obviously not in the city limits of Mansfield – and the timing lined up with my desire to sell my house.

“Unfortunately, the unintended consequence in these real estate transactions was the loss of my Council seat. I am sad to resign my post, but I will find other ways to serve the community and Newton County as a whole.”

Troutman started her role as a city council member Jan. 1, 2018, after running unopposed in the 2017 election.