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Porterdales Rose Hill comes back to life
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The residents of Porterdale have been hard at work beautifying their beloved, little town.

One of the most recent and noticeable changes is the 60 rose plants that now adorn Rose Hill as you come into the town from downtown Covington on Washington Street.

"I couldn't figure out why it was called Rose Hill," said Porterdale councilwoman Linda Finger. "There weren't any roses on it!"

Finger spearheaded the planting project through the city's C.A.R.E. program, which provides assistance and services to families in need.

Porterdale received a $1,000 grant for Keep Covington/Newton Beautiful for the rose bushes.
The city also devoted unused 2005 SPLOST funds to pave the drive up Rose Hill with concrete for the first time. Previously, it was just dirt and loose gravel.

Community volunteers and members of Porterdale's Explorers program volunteered a Saturday afternoon to plant the roses and lay mulch.

Finger plans to plant even more roses on Rose Hill, where the old homes of mill workers still stand.

"If it were up to me, I'd plant 400 roses bushes on this hill myself," Finger said.

Finger said Porterdale may not be a rich city, but it is certainly a city full of good people who love the town.

One man donated paint to spruce up the old gazebo while the Explorer's re-landscaped the plants at the base of the gazebo.

Several of the city's parks have also had improvements and undergone cleaning efforts.