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Porterdale manager to return
Fox meets with council members, takes back resignation
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Porterdale City Manager Tom Fox rescinded his resignation at Wednesday night’s called meeting, according to Mayor Bobby Hamby.

Fox was not offered a contract like he initially wanted because the city’s charter would have to be changed, said Hamby.

"That’s something the city attorney is researching," Hamby said. "It is something we are looking into doing at a later date that would give him [Fox] assurance."

Hamby continued, saying he believed Fox has done a good job as city manager and that the city "desperately needs him right now."

"I think it was kind of a bad time for him to be leaving with the situation the city is in," Hamby said. "So I am pleased he’s staying, personally."

Fox met with and spoke privately with council members last week  after receiving several calls and support from members of the community. According to Fox the meetings helped him to make his decision.

"Most of my concerns were addressed," he said. "I hope to have a renewed effort with the council to work together to create a professional atmosphere on the council that will ultimately benefit the community."

Fox also said the council is looking into a way to offer him an employment agreement of some sort at a later date.

"I think they see the need for one," he said.