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Porterdale offers safe space for online shoppers
The sign is located right outside the Porterdale Police Department. (Jackie Gutknecht | The Covington News)

PORTERDALE, Ga. - The City of Porterdale has a new designated spot for online and person-to-person sales right outside the Porterdale Police Department (PPD).

The location, which is under 24-hour video surveillance, makes for a safe spot for people to meet to conduct business.

“For every problem, you have a solution, so if you don’t bring a solution to a problem all you have is problems,” PPD Chief Jason Cripps said.

Cripps said having the location outside the police station cuts down on the possibility of crime. He said the City of Porterdale has not had any reported crimes as a result of internet sales, but he wants to continue to keep that a true statement with the implementation of the designated spot.

“People are welcome to come and meet people there,” he said. “The police station should be a positive place. It should be a place where you can meet the police. You should know them by their first names. Anybody’s welcome.”

He said people in the community already use the police station as a meeting spot because of its location in the heart of downtown. He hopes the sign would make it more of a well-known safe spot.

Cripps recommended people engaging in online sales should make sure to obtain as much information as possible about the people they are meeting prior to meeting with them. He recommended asking for identifying information, such as license plate number and telephone numbers, in case anything were to happen.

“If they’re legit, honest and good people then they won’t have a problem giving it to you,” he said.

Cripps said he personally does not engage in online sales, but definitely saw the advantage of adding the safe space for the community.

Located next to the designated spot is a bench for anyone to use.

“It’s a very comfortable place,” he said.