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PASCO donates material and labor to firefighter training facility
Palmetto Automatic Sprinkler Company, Inc. employees pose beside the sprinkler standpipe prop they built for the local fire departments' burn house. The standpipe - and the equipment and labor used to build it - was donated by PASCO. - photo by Caitlin Jett

COVINGTON, Ga. - Palmetto Automatic Sprinkler Company, Inc. donated materials and labor to build a sprinkler standpipe prop for the local fire departments' burn house. The Covington Fire Department and Newton County Fire Services awarded PASCO with a plaque in appreciation of the standpipe Wednesday, Sept. 4. 

The newly installed standpipe prop will give local firefighters proper hands-on training with a system similar to the standpipes and sprinkler systems located within the county.

"Before it was using hoses on the ground and dry erase boards, and now we can actually hook to the real thing and do proper training on it," CFD Engineer Brett Madsen said. 

"The decision to donate this material and labor to install this standpipe was a privilege to do. These are the people that are protecting our lives and property on a day-to day basis," PASCO Branch Manager Rick Mill said. "If PASCO can provide a hands-on teaching instrument that will help new and existing firefighters with real-life fire-fighting scenarios, everyone gains from it.

"As a fire sprinkler contractor, it is important to have a good working relationship with our local fire authorities."