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Mansfield looks at high-speed internet options

MANSFIELD, Ga. - The City of Mansfield is exploring its options of providing high-speed internet to all of its residents, something that currently only a portion of the city is able to access.

In Thursday night’s Mansfield City Council work session, Mayor Jefferson Riley said currently AT&T offers high-speed service to some of the city’s residents. There are currently not enough homes for AT&T to add the infrastructure necessary to offer it citywide. He said it would be up to the city to find an alternative route.

Councilman Bret Dunn said the city has explored two options.

One service would be through a company called WebLogic, which would require an antenna be placed on the city’s water tower, which would bring wireless high-speed internet to the area.

The second option would be through a company called Red Rover. This option would require an initial investment from the city of about $50,000, but would allow the city offer high-speed internet as a utility and income source.

Dunn encouraged residents who are interested in high-speed internet service to contact him so he could get a better idea of how many people would be on board. The council plans to continue the conversation at its March 8 work session.