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Woman arrested for DUI after crashing in ditch
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A woman was arrested for DUI Saturday night after reportedly crashing her SUV in a ditch off Interstate 20.

Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to the area of Ginn Motors where a white SUV was resting in a ditch between the off ramp and the business. When they arrived, they reportedly found Yolanda Simpson in the vehicle and asked her if she could exit it. She allegedly told them she could not exit the vehicle because the door was jammed.

An officer walked down the hill and attempted to open the side door of the vehicle. He was able to do so and informed Simpson that the door was not jammed and that she could exit that way.

She reportedly began fumbling with the buttons on the door and the officer was able to notice the smell of alcohol coming from inside the vehicle and that Simpson’s speech was slurred. Once she came out of the car she immediately fell to the ground. The the officer had to grab her to keep the driver side door from hitting him and to help keep her upright.

Once she was on her feet Simpson reportedly attempted to walk up the hill toward the road but after taking a couple of steps she fell to her knees, then tried to get back up but could not seem to regain her balance. According to reports she then got on her hands and knees and began to "bear crawl" up the hill.

Once at the top of the hill Simpson was asked if she had been drinking and, according to reports, she told the officer she had been drinking at Dugan’s in Lithonia and that she may have had too much to drink. She also allegedly told the officer she knew she should not have been driving. She also appeared to believe that she was on Memorial Drive because she told the officer she knew she should not be driving on Memorial Drive.

After agreeing to perform sobriety tests Simpson reportedly began to move her head back and forth when she was asked to follow a pen with her eyes only, and when she attempted to perform the walk and turn test she fell to the side and asked the officer if she could hold on to him for balance, according to reports.

When she was asked to count and walk she reportedly kept saying "Sir, yes sir" and walking in an exaggerated motion, crossing her legs in a "scissoring manner." When asked to stand on one leg Simpson tried to do so but, according to reports, she lost her balance about four seconds into the exercise and said "Lord help me," as she stumbled.

At this point the officer stopped with the sobriety tests and placed Simpson under arrest for DUI. She was taken to the Newton County Detention Center where she agreed to give a breath test and blew .217. In the state of Georgia .08 percent is the legal limit of intoxication.