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Two arrested after a fight at Stevi Bs
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On Feb. 20 at 9:13 p.m., Officer Gene Nuqui responded to a fight that took place at Stevi B's Pizza on U.S. Hwy 278. Officer Nuqui was advised via radio that two female customers were fighting inside of the restaurant after a verbal confrontation. Both subjects were placed under an arrest.

According to the report, after arriving at the location Officer Nuqui had contact with a black female who was identified as Chantrail Moody leaving the restaurant with a small child. Officer Nuqui asked Moody if she was involved in the fight. Moody replied that she was jumped for no reason by another female who was still inside.

The report states Officer Nuqui asked Moody to return inside the building and identify the other female involved -- 17 year old Shakeria Stone. Stone stated that she was involved in a fight with Moody after Moody confronted her and assaulted her.

Officer Nuqui talked with Stevi B's manager Marcello Alvarez who stated he saw the whole incident. Alvarez said that the fight started after both females got into a verbal confrontation that escalated. He showed Officer Nuqui the video tape footage of the scene which occurred in the game room. The account given by Alvarez and by the video tape showed that Moody and Stone were mutual combatants. Both parties continued fighting until they were broken up by other adults present.

During the investigation, both parties continued taunting each other with profane language. After being arrested, Moody stated that Stone's mother, Kykesha Smith, also assaulted her. The video was consistent with Smith's statement that she was only present to keep Moody from any further fighting.