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Turner Lake Road Detour
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Below is a map of the official detour that will be implemented once construction starts on the Turner Lake Road roundabout on June 9.

The construction of the roundabout is being handed by Jje Constructors; federal stimulus money is paying for the entire $775,622 price tag

However, the city will have to pay for moving its utilities. City Transportation Manager Billy Skinner said the cost to move sewer lines would be $17,615, the cost to move gas infrastructure would be around $23,000 and the cost to move electrical infrastructure would be $48,650. Water infrastructure will not have to be moved.

On an average daily basis, approximately 8,330 drivers use Turner Lake Road and 2,220 use Clark Street, said Skinner.

The roundabout will have a radius of about 75 feet from its center to its outside. Special truck aprons will be installed to allow tractor trailers to drive over them if they can’t completely make the turn into the roundabout.