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Pre-schooler sets fire with lighter
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A mother and daughter have been displaced from their Nixon Circle home after a pre-schooler reportedly set the home on fire playing with a lighter.

Covington Fire Department and Covington Police Officers were called to the home around 7:20 a.m. by the child's mother.
She reportedly told them her 4-year-old daughter had been playing with her cigarette lighter and started a fire in her bedroom. The fire was started under the bed and caught the comforter on fire.

Although the fire was only in the upstairs area, the home is no longer habitable.

The woman said she had been asleep at the time, and the smoke alarm woke her.

However, at that point the entire bed was in engulfed flames. She told authorities that she had tried to put the fire out but "it got out of hand," so she grabbed her daughter, left the home and then called 911.

The child was referred to the city's fire safety educator.