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CPD swears in 5-year-old boy as officer
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The Covington Police Department swore in its youngest member Monday night, one so young his oath of office included the unusual vow to "mind his mother and be the best student possible."

Morgan Steward, a 5-year-old Newton County boy suffering from spinal muscular atrophy, was officially "sworn in" as a police officer Monday at the Covington City Council meeting in front of family, friends and a large gathering of his new co-workers.

When Covington police officials learned of Morgan’s dream of becoming a police officer, they set to work making that dream come true. Morgan already was selected to lead the annual Covington Lions Club Christmas Parade Dec. 7,

but on Monday he received another surprise, including a full police uniform (including both long and short-sleeved jackets) and hat, a badge and a toy baton and handcuffs. He even received a key to the city.

"You got the hat and badge, you’re in charge," Morgan’s aunt Alicia Steward told Morgan after the ceremony.

"If God called me home tonight, I’m good," she told reporters. "This is what we wanted so much."

Morgan’s  mother, Tangi Forman-Steward, said she felt years younger, because she was so energized by the joy she saw in Morgan.

Later in the evening, Morgan asked Covington Police Capt. Ken Malcom when he would get his real gun so he could take care of the "bad guys."

"Why don’t I have a real gun?" Morgan asked.

"You’ve got to get a little older first," Malcom said.

"A little older; like my brother?" Morgan asked, referring to his 15-year-old brother, Dejaun.

"Well, like your dad," Malcom said.

"He’s older than me?" Morgan asked of his father, Barron Steward.

The conversation was interrupted so Morgan could have a photo taken with his new boss, Chief Stacey Cotton.


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