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City of Porterdale to take over fire department building
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The City of Porterdale will take control of the Porterdale Fire Department building after a long period of inactivity.

The city will move administrative offices into the building at the beginning of the year after giving the fire department a chance to clear out of the building, the Porterdale City Council decided Monday.

Porterdale Mayor Arline Chapman said after a period of inactivity as a fire station, the building is overturned to city ownership. She said building has been inactive for about four months.

Porterdale City Clerk Megan Reid and Porterdale City Manager Bob Thompson will move their offices to the new location. The Porterdale Fire Department building is located across the parking lot from the Porterdale City Hall building.

Other items from the building, such as the generator, will be distributed to other city agencies. Chapman said she is not completely sure what is in the building.

City Hall will continue to be the location for residents to pay utility bills and other city business, Chapman said.

Chapman also said the city should consider distributing information to landlords, local renters and property owners about homeowner and renters insurance after the recent wildfires throughout the country.

Chapman worried that renovations to properties are sometimes done quickly to save money.

She said houses in the city are close together and a fire at one house could turn devastating for several properties.

In other news, the Porterdale Planning & Zoning board will meet Dec. 22 at 7 p.m. to discuss the rezoning of a proposed Waffle House within the city.