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Chamber: Promote local film ties
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Covington plays host to several movie and TV projects each year, and the chamber suggested a storefront on the square be dedicated to housing film memorabilia.

Covington-Newton County Chamber of Commerce officials gave their quarterly update to the Covington City Council Monday, and reiterated the tourism revenue boost the film industry brings to Newton County.

"I think there is no reason why we shouldn't set a work session to hammer out some ideas," Mayor Kim Carter said.

In other news, the council again approved applying for a state grant to replace water lines along Geiger Street. If awarded, the $443,000 state grant would require a $110,000 match by the city. The city will pay $52,070 for some materials and engineering expenses, but the remainder of the match will be covered through in-house labor.

The city also approved the first reading of a resolution to charge a $35 fee to pawnshop and precious metal dealers. Details must still be worked out as to whether the fee is to be charged per establishment or, like the $35 alcohol fee, per employee.

The council also approved the first reading of an ordinance that will condemn junk cars and boats, those that no longer run or have proper registration, as eyesores for the community and a health hazard because of rodents.