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Car crashes into Bank of North Georgia
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An elderly woman crashed her vehicle into the back of another driver who was sitting in the drive-thru lane at Bank of North Georgia Friday morning.

According to Covington Police Department Detective D.J. Seals, the woman came around the corner of the bank and pulled her vehicle into the line for the drive-thru but instead of hitting her brakes, hit the gas pedal instead.

According to Covington Fire Captain Tony Smith, the woman continued to push the gas pedal, essentially shoving the man in front of her. When he saw that his vehicle was headed for U.S. Highway 278, he turned his wheel and instead of ending up in traffic, hit the front of the bank instead. Her vehicle went into the road, but she turned around and came back into the parking lot.

There was no structural damage to the bank but one of the supports of an overhang was knocked away and had to be removed. A temporary support was erected and more work will be needed. That entrance to the bank has been closed pending that construction.

"We were very lucky," said Smith. "Another five feet and if he’d turned just a little harder he would have went through the front door of the bank."

According to Smith she was very apologetic. The victim was transported to Newton Medical Center complaining of head and neck pain but was not seriously injured.