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Supporter Spotlight: Bullritos
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WHAT: Bullritos

WHERE: 10327 Industrial Blvd.

HOURS: Monday - Saturday 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.

CALL: (678) 342-7482



For Angi Beszborn, opening the first Bullritos in Georgia was more than bringing authentic Tex-Mex to the Covington area, it was also about coming home.

A Covington native, Beszborn moved to Houston seven years ago when she married her husband John. Having enjoyed eateries all over the state, it wasn't until she tried Bullritos did she decide she wanted to purchase a franchise.

After acquiring the franchise rights, the Beszborns opened two locations in Texas. Not long after that, Beszborn became convinced Covington needed a Bullritos. On August 8, Bullritos opened across from Walmart on Industrial Boulevard.

"I just kept talking about it so much, saying I was going to take Bullritos to Georgia, that it just actually happened," said Beszborn. "Covington needed another restaurant and this is something different - the taste and freshness is not like anything else around here."

With a large variety of components to choose from, you can build your own massive burrito, taco(s) or bowl upon request. Placing your order is simple: pick up the paper bag at the front of the restaurant; using a red marker, write in your name, choose a style (bowl, burrito or taco), a choice of meat (if you prefer, you can choose half orders of steak and chicken at no added cost), a choice of cheese, beans, salsa and extras; additionally, you can choose a beverage - domestic and imported beers are also available.

Selecting a meal at the restaurant has proven to be a fun, interactive and often mischievous experience for customers.

"I tell the children they can be whoever they want to be, but the adults have a lot more fun with it," laughed Beszborn. "I've had couples refer to themselves as Wall-E and Eva (from the Pixar film), we even had Batman and Batlady - the woman said Batgirl was already taken. People just get the biggest kick out of it."

There is no freezer in the restaurant; all food arrives fresh that morning. Employees come in at 8 a.m. to begin prepping for the day by hand-chopping all the ingredients. The guacamole, along with the cilantro rice and other components, are made from scratch and fresh with hand-chopped ingredients to preserve maximum flavor. For the health-conscious, the restaurant does not use lard or animal fat.

With Bullritos being featured in September's Taste of Newton, Beszborn hopes to see the restaurant become a notable member of the community and a franchise growing beyond the city. "I plan to take Georgia one town at a time," she joked.

More importantly, not only has Bullritos brought something new and tasty to the Covington area, the restaurant has allowed Angi to reconnect with her family and her hometown. The restaurant has become a family-run operation, with her son Dillon managing the business and her parents lending a hand when needed.

"Honestly, I got homesick," said Beszborn. "Since the restaurant opened, I've met up with friends I haven't seen in 30 years or since high school. Houston is nice, but this is home. And I wanted to be home."