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Lahrceny Tavern: A fun new spot in Porterdale
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Lahrceny Tavern, a bar & grill restaurant located in Porterdale, opened in January on Main Street.

Owner Amberly Lahr has enjoyed working in the restaurant business for more than 20 years. This motivated her to open up Lahrceny Tavern.

“I have been a bartender and waitress for about 20 years. I would work a 9-to-5 job while picking up shifts on the weekends. Sometimes, I would hold a full-time job at a restaurant. Being in the restaurant business was just something I have always enjoyed doing,” Lahr said. “When the opportunity came around, me and my husband decided since I enjoyed it so much and I could work around my kids’ schedule, that I should go for it.”

So, Lahr reached out to the owner of The Social House, the former restaurant that is now the Lahrceny Tavern to see if she could buy the property. Lahr has been fond of the Porterdale area for a long time.

“I just love the community here. I had a previous business in Porterdale called Revolutionary Threads, a small consignment store. It’s just a really close-knit community. People are warm and friendly,” Lahr said.

“We bought the property that was The Social House and we made a name change. So, the process was much easier since the establishment never closed its doors,” she said.

Lahr worked with the former owner to prepare for the transition.

“I managed under the previous owner for three months to get a feel for the restaurant, the people, the environment and the items that sell and didn’t sell, so I could make changes to suit what the previous patrons liked,” she said.

As the transition was taking place, Lahr got the word out that the business would be under new management and a new name. The name for Lahr’s bar & grill came out of a meeting she had with her husband and one of their best friends in the beginning stages of the business.

“It’s a play on words. I got married in June to my husband. So, we used our last name, as a play on the word, ‘larceny’ and decided the name would be Lahrceny Tavern,” she said.

Lahrceny Tavern had its grand opening on Jan. 14, which was warmly received by the community.

“We had our doors open since Jan.1. But, we had our grand opening on the 14th.  It was amazing. The town was very supportive. They came out along with our family and friends,” she said. “We had the Josh Mill Band come out and play that day. They were amazing. They put on a good show for us and promoted our business on Facebook before the big day.”

Lahrceny Tavern is a hip, down to earth establishment that is open for lunch, dinner and late nights. Lahr works hard to ensure that patrons have a memorable experience.

From the menu to the trivia games and live bands, Lahrceny Tavern offers guests a laid-back environment to enjoy good food and live entertainment.

On the menu are such classics like Southern gumbo, pork chops and homemade mac & cheese. For the bar, the tavern provides quality craft beer options for beer lovers, which include, but are not limited to, Creature Comforts, Night on Ponce and Blind Pirate.

Patrons can also enjoy lunch specials like Taco Tuesday, where different taco options are served. Chips, salsa and Lahrceny Tavern’s specialty, cheese curd is also on the menu.

“We are the only restaurant in the community with cheese curd on the menu,” Lahr said.

For nightlife fun, the Lahrceny Tavern hosts adult trivia on Tuesdays, karaoke nights and live bands on the weekends. Upcoming acts include Odds of Zero, Plain Jane and Arch Angel, which play Southern and Classic rock.

“I am excited about Arch Angel coming. Jimi Hendrix, the lead singer is very talented. He’s in multiple bands,” Lahr said.

Lahr hopes the community, specifically the 18-and-up crowd, knows that they are welcome in the doors of the tavern.

“I want to reach a mature crowd. If someone is home on a Friday night and wondering what they want to do, they can be like let’s go to the Tavern for some live music,” Lahr said.

Lahrceny Tavern is on Washington Street (Main Street) in Porterdale. It is open every day of the week from 12 p.m. and late into the night from 12 a.m. – 2 a.m.