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GPTC to offer continuing education classes at Job Fair
Job Fair 2017

COVINGTON, Ga. - After seeing much success in previous years, Georgia Piedmont Technical College will offer continuing education classes during the 2019 Regional Job Fair Oct. 4. 

"Our job seekers have commented through written evaluations their appreciation for participating in the workshops and the skills that they have gained as they prepare to participate in the Regional Job Fair," Dr. Irvin T. Clark, vice president of economic development for GPTC, said. "We have also received positive feedback from employers who have interacted and hired workshop participants."

Workshops Descriptions

Dress for Success & Personal Branding: Developing a Positive Professional Image

Like it or not, you have an image. If you don’t develop it by intent, it will develop by fault.  A positive professional image is essential to a successful career.  Come to hear tips on attire, social media, and networking and personal branding. During this session, you will learn about networking and will have a chance to practice your networking skills.

Ace the Interview!

Learn about the interviewing process, how to tell your story and how to reflect on your experience afterwards.  We will discuss strategies on answering questions (even those you are unprepared for), understanding what recruiters are truly asking through their questions, and how to turn an interview into a job/internship offer.

We will give tips on how to answer those tricky questions, and understand what they are really trying to find out through the questions.  Learn how to control an interview by telling your story and getting past the first impressions to a lasting career.

Resume Rescue: Resumes That Get Attention

Presenting yourself in writing can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to catching the eye of potential employers, and it is much more of an art than a science.  Begin creating a draft of your resume and cover letter to communicate your experience. If you already have a resume, learn tips to make sure that your resume stands out!

We can help you tailor your resume to a job description and highlight your transferrable skills. A Georgia Piedmont Technical College advisor will walk you through analyzing a job description to tailor your bullet points and marketable skills to future employers.

10 Soft Skills You Need Workshop

The meaning of Soft Skills can sometimes be difficult to describe. It can be that unique attribute or characteristic that facilitates great communication. It can be the special way that you show confidence in a challenging situation. These and other events can become more easily managed with this great workshop. 

Our Goal Setting and Getting Things Done workshop will cover strategies to help you overcome procrastination. These skills will translate into increased satisfaction in your professional and personal lives. You will also learn the Goal Setting characteristics of successful people and in turn become happier and more productive.


Outside of the workshops, this year's job fair will also feature Mobile Career Resource Centers, a new addition this year. 

"Through our partnership with the Northeast Georgia Regional Commission and WorkSource DeKalb, the Mobile Career Resource Centers will provide the job fair participants an opportunity to immediately apply for jobs online at the Regional Job Fair," Clark said. "Participants will also be served through various job search/career development activities such resume and cover letter development, on-line tutorials and individual assessments and provide information on Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) funded training opportunities.

"The idea for the Mobile Career Resource Centers originated from a brainstorming session between Serra Hall (senior project manager for Covington/Newton County Economic Development) and several staff members at GPTC. We wanted to highlight our partners and the services they provide to support job seekers who are underemployed or unemployed."