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Covington Family Chiropractic provides quality care to families

COVINGTON, Ga. - Covington Family Chiropractic has provided quality chiropractic care to the Covington community for almost four years, and was recently selected as the April Small Business of the Month by the Newton County Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Jamie Adams, wellness chiropractor and owner of Covington Family Chiropractic, first became interested in the field of chiropractic care while in graduate school and her foremost motivator was making a positive impact in people’s lives.

“Chiropractic is my second career and I firmly believe I was meant to have this career. I knew from a young age that I wanted to do something that would make a difference in people’s lives,” Dr. Adams said.

After completing an undergraduate degree, Dr. Adams attended graduate school, studying medicinal chemistry in hopes of creating the next big pharmaceutical drug. But Dr. Adams soon realized some of the downsides of pharmaceutical treatments and drugs used to treat various health conditions of the general public.

“Once I got into graduate school, I was working with a lot of harmful chemicals and drugs that were known to cause really bad side effects. It didn’t make sense to me that we were trying to treat health challenges with more symptoms and problems,” Dr. Adams said.

Around the same time in school, Dr. Adams discovered chiropractic care, which instantly motivated her to study the field and a year or so later she opened her own business.

“I learned how chiropractic was different. It allows the body to heal itself from the inside out. Shortly after this, I enrolled into chiropractic school. I graduated in December of 2011 and opened my practice here in October 2013,” Dr. Adams said.

Dr. Adams chose to focus on families and children because of her firm belief that it is good to set children on a healthy path while they are young.  

“If we can start our kids out on day one of life on the right path to health, it helps them to grow into healthy adults as opposed to trying to undo years of problems in adulthood,” Dr. Adams said.

In her office, Dr. Adams sees patients as “practice members” – people that are an integral part of her community.

“I love Covington because it has a small-town feel. Everyone you meet here becomes family. We are called Covington Family Chiropractic because most of our practice members come to see us because they were referred by a friend or family member,” Dr. Adams said.

This is the spirit in which Dr. Adams and her team come to work with every day. Patients can receive helpful chiropractic services that focus on the spine and nervous system by meeting with experienced doctors who will check their spine with state of the art equipment to identify any misalignments.

“Our office is state of the art and has been completely renovated and upgraded to not only offer the best assessment of your spine and nervous system but also to provide the best quality of adjustments,” Dr. Adams said.

Technologies include digital x-ray equipment and NASA certified nerve assessment software that allows the doctor to see the spine and nervous system. There is also a licensed massage therapist onsite for those seeking a therapeutic approach.

Visitors can receive the best care and guidance due to Covington Family Chiropractic’s strong team.

“We have three doctors that all approach the adjustment of your spine differently so our practice members get back to functioning at 100 percent as soon as possible,” Dr. Adams said.

The staff is also well-trained and attends continuing education seminars to keep their knowledge sharp. Feedback from the community has been positive. Patients with various conditions have experienced notable improvements in their health.

“We have several testimonies from our practice members of how being under chiropractic care has helped with vertigo, migraines, allergies, infertility, ear infections, colic, heartburn, high blood pressure and saw a decrease in autism related symptoms and ADHD among many other health challenges,” Dr. Adams said.

Motivated by the positive feedback the business has received from the community, Dr. Adams plans to expand her business in the years ahead.

“In the next few years, I would like to expand into more locations. We have practice members that travel from several surrounding counties, even some that come all the way from Atlanta, so I would love to be able to provide more locations to serve them.”

Covington Family Chiropractic is located on 2125 Pace St. in Covington. Stop by to learn more about available services.