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Beth Rockmore knows getting a tattoo for the first time can be scary. The decision, the pain and the permanency. That’s why her tattoo parlor, Tiki Tattoo, is different A laid-back atmosphere, kind and considerate employees who understand the apprehension and private rooms that don’t put you on display.

"My idea in opening was to be more warm and inviting. I was nervous for my first time and no one did anything to put me at ease. You see that attitude in other places. I want people to feel comfortable and to ask questions," Rockmore said. "My whole goal is to make people feel at ease."

Rockmore knows getting a tattoo is an important decision, and she considers it an honor to tattoo people.

"It’s amazing to put art on someone’s body, because it’s never put in a closet or stored under a bed. It’s the ultimate honor to say, ‘Hey, I put a tattoo on somebody,’" Rockmore said. "The art and the lifestyle, it’s unlike any other job or lifestyle out there."

Rockmore said that people from all walks of life come and get tattoos. She gets a lot of police officers, firefighters, professionals who work in Atlanta and has even worked on a nearly 80-year-old senior. She said some people prefer small tattoos on the back or shoulder that can easily be hidden, while others want bold full back or arm tattoos. Rockmore said for her, the bigger and more colorful — the better.

Rockmore said she has a hundreds of premade designs available, but she and fellow tattoo artist Josh Cansdale do a lot of custom design work. About 90 percent of her business is made of custom designs.

In addition to tattoos, Tiki Tattoo also offers piercings, including a large selection of gauges and body jewelry. Rockmore’s daughter Malory is the piercing expert.

One of the other aspects that sets Tiki Tattoo apart is the strict environmental health inspections the store passes. Rockmore has worked in Rockdale County, and she said the inspections in Newton County are more stringent. She said she keeps her store clean and has always received the highest grade possible.

Whatever a person is looking for, Rockmore will try to accommodate if she can. But she says be careful if you decide to get a tattoo, because they’re addictive.

"They’re like potato chips: you can’t get just one."