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Buy Local... All-Star Muffler
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All-Star Muffler’s employees can definitely fix any muffler or exhaust problems, but owner Robbie Floyd said he wants people to know that All-Star is a complete auto car shop.

"We do tune-ups, brakes, tires, air conditioning; we do something different every day. We do everything from A to Z," Floyd said. "If it’s broken we can fix it."

Floyd said it’s important to put muffler in the title, because the average shop doesn’t do exhaust work because of the welding aspect. But All-Star will do whatever needs to be done.

Floyd said last week a customer came in requesting a new engine for his old Jeep, and that’s exactly what he got. The store services cars of all price ranges, even the higher-end Mercedes Benzs and Jaguars, and it services most of them the same day.

"There’s no where else in Covington where this guy could have taken his Mercedes-Benz with the problems it had and received it back by 5 p.m. the same day. We get the cars in and out; you don’t have to wait two or three days," Floyd said.

Floyd said that customer service is the extremely important, and if All-Star employees can help you, they will. Floyd said he goes to pick up parts from his suppliers in Atlanta if he needs to and employees will check tire pressure and fill up the tires for free. He said that’s one of the biggest maintenance checks that people should do. All-Star also has its own tow truck to assist people further.

All-Star’s business has increased as more people are choosing to have their cars repaired instead of buying a new car.

"People ask me ‘Is it worth it to fix my car,’ and I always answer, ‘Yes, absolutely,’" Floyd said. "If you think about it, say it costs $1,000 to fix a car, that’s only like two to three monthly payments for a new car, and the thing is, new cars still break."

All-Star has been in Covington for almost 20 years, and at its Covington ByPass location for the past nine. Its current special is $17.95 for an oil change.