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Beaver Manufacturing expands European business
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Mansfield-based Beaver Manufacturing, which chemically treats yarns used in hose applications, has partnered with a German firm to expand Beaver’s already extensive international presence. 

Beaver signed a reciprocal marketing agreement with German-based Cordus, which calls for Cordus to sell Beaver yarns in Europe, while Beaver will sell Cordus yarns in North America.

Beaver signed the deal to meet the increased need the company had been seeing in the European market, said Chief Operating Officer Bill Loeble. Beaver chemically treats yarns, which are then used to reinforce various types of hoses, such as garden hoses and automotive air conditioning hoses.

“This partnership brings our products one step closer to the end user and could lead in the future to manufacturing/production of Beaver products locally in Europe,” he said in a press release.

The partnership works because Beaver only produces isocyanate adhesive treated yarns while Cordus specializes in resorcinol formaldehyde latex treated yarns; these are two of the main treatment options for yarns.

In related news, Beaver has seen its business grow during the past year and a half, increasing its workforce by 35 up to 135 employees.

The company produces about 50 percent of its yarns for hoses in the industrial market and the other 50 percent of yarns are used in the automotive industry. The company sells about 12 million pounds of yarn annually.

“Another reason for increased business is our entry and penetration into the offshore oil and gas business that uses large umbilical and bundle hoses,” said Loeble.