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BUSINESS: Piedmont Newton offers onsite vaccine clinics to industry partners
Piedmont Newton Front

COVINGTON, Ga. — Piedmont Newton Hospital has partnered with local manufacturing and industry business to offer onsite COVID-19 vaccine clinics providing nearly 350 vaccines to employees within the first two weeks. 

Organizations that have offered the onsite clinic option to their employees include Michelin, Bridgestone Golf, Beaver Manufacturing, and Veresence.

“Piedmont Newton doesn’t want to just make people healthier; we want to keep people healthy,” said Jeremiah Bame, RN, chief nursing officer at Piedmont Newton Hospital and administrative lead for the employer vaccine clinics. “Our mission is to benefit the communities we serve by increasing access to healthcare and improving our community’s health. Preventing transmission of COVID-19 in the workplace is a key element in helping us to live that mission.”

With the state of Georgia expanding eligibility to all adults, Piedmont Newton is working with many of the larger businesses to schedule onsite vaccine clinics. The clinics enable business leaders to provide an efficient and convenient way for their teams to get vaccinated.

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