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Boyfriend denies hitting girlfriends face
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Upon arriving at the scene of a report of a family fight, the officer noted that a woman and her child outside in their yard crying. The woman had a large red mark on her right check and the child was holding her right hand close to her tummy.

The woman told the officer that she and her boyfriend had been sitting on the couch talking and he slapped her for no reason.

The woman also told the officer that her boyfriend had just been released from prison and was supposed to be on medication for schizophrenia. However, she said he had not been taking his medicine.

After being slapped, the woman said she hit the boyfriend back. In turn, the boyfriend started yelling at her to
get out of his house and slapping her again in the face.

The woman ran into the kitchen to get away from the boyfriend, but the boyfriend followed to slap her some more.

The child then tried to stop the boyfriend from attacking, but the boyfriend shoved her into the microwave stand, falling to the floor.

When the officer questioned the boyfriend about the incident, he stated that he "gently touched her on the face [and] then she hit me."

The boyfriend was arrested and charged with family violence battery, family violence simple battery and four accounts of cruelty to children.