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Boy beaten for mixing chicken and rice
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An argument over dinner ended with one woman in jail and her nephew making plans to visit the dentist after she allegedly chipped his tooth when she struck him in the face with a frying pan.

Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to a home on Green Street around 7 p.m. Thursday. When they arrived they spoke with 43-year-old Pamela Denise Stovall who immediately told them she was upset with her nephew because he had "put chicken in her rice and she did not want chicken in her rice," according to reports.

Stovall reportedly told the officers she had gone to the store and purchased items with her food stamps. She said she wanted some instant mashed potatoes and rice with chicken, but she didn't want her chicken and rice mixed together and that her nephew "came along and put chicken in her rice and it caused her to become very upset."

Her nephew had a slightly different story. He allegedly told officers that Stovall had been asleep when her probation officer came to the house and he woke her up to meet with her probation officer. He said when she was done with the meeting she came back inside cursing at him and asking why he woke her up.

During their argument he went to the stove where he said Stovall had some rice and chicken cooking and added the chicken to the rice so they could have that for dinner. It was then that Stovall "went ballistic" because she didn't want the chicken mixed with the rice.

According to reports, Stovall's nephew said she picked up the pan of rice and threw the hot rice on him, then struck him in the face with the pan. Officers noted in their report that he did have rice and grease on his arms, face and in his hair and that his front tooth was chipped from where the pan struck him in the face.

He said he grabbed Stovall to keep her from pouring any additional hot grease on him, at which point she allegedly grabbed a kitchen knife and threw it at him as well.

When officers looked in the kitchen they noticed broken plates on the floor, a knife stuck in the kitchen wall, and hot grease covering the floors, walls and countertops.

Stovall was "extremely intoxicated" according to reports, and "very loud and boisterous." Officers noted that she continued to curse at her nephew. She was placed under arrest and charged with Family Violence Act battery and third degree cruelty to children, since her grandchildren (all under the age of 10) were in the home at the time of the altercation.