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Blind man, drunk woman get in fight
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A blind man and his reportedly intoxicated wife were both arrested early Sunday morning after one person ended up wet and the other ended up stabbed.

Deputies from the Newton County Sheriff's Office were called to a home on Bryant Road in Oxford after a call came in to 911 reporting a domestic assault. When they arrived, they spoke with both the both the husband Tommy Womack and his wife Ann.

Ann allegedly told deputies that Tommy grabbed a knife from the kitchen and came at her as she sat in the living room. She showed deputies a laceration on her left arm that was approximately 3-inches long.

Tommy had a different view of the evening. He reportedly told officers that he was resting in bed when Ann - who he said was "highly intoxicated" - poured water on him. He told deputies he "had been abused by her for several years" and became "very upset" which caused the physical confrontation. He said Ann got the knife from the kitchen and came at him with it, and he took the knife away from her and threatened her with it.

Since there were no witnesses to the incident, deputies charged both Ann and Tommy.

Ann was charged with simple assault for getting the knife and Tommy was charged with terroristic threats for swinging the knife while stating, "I'm going to kill you."

Both were transported to the Newton County Detention Center.

Police called after landlord throws things out
A Covington woman went to the police department Wednesday afternoon to report that her landlord had thrown her items out of her home.

The woman reportedly told officers that her landlord entered her Green Acres home and threw out roughly $2,000 worth of items, included an old blanket given to her by her grandmother that she described as "priceless."

She said she had been moving some of her items out of the home because it had recently been burglarized. When she found that other items were missing, she questioned her landlord who allegedly told her he "threw them away because he thought she had moved out."

The woman told police her landlord threw out her television, dishes, DVD player and CD player, and that he also changed her lock. She said the landlord had never asked her to move, but when he found out she was moving he "got angry and threw her things away before she could finish moving them."