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Balcony construction on Square OK'd
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The Covington City Council voted to allow the removal of a light post, tree and tree well on the Covington Square for a new building project.

The project, dubbed “project blast,” already received approval from the historic preservation committee to construct a balcony that would encroach onto the sidewalk of the square.

The business and its possible future location are being withheld due to that fact that the project is still under the development process. Covington Mayor Ronnie Johnston did say construction is expected to begin sometime before 2015.

The plans, reviewed by both the city and the historical preservation society, call for the encroachment to be about two feet off the edge of the sidewalk, where the curb is.

“In order for the balcony to be placed on the proposed site a tree and tree well would need to be removed as well as the light post,” City Manager Leigh Anne Knight said. “A consensus of the group agreed this was feasible and would not in any way hinder that side of the square.”

The council voted to allow the construction, 5-1 with Hawnethia Williams opposing, not knowing what the building would be. The only indication of the future of the structure came from Covington Mayor Ronnie Johnston:

“I think it’s an enhancement for the Square,” Johnston said. “It will be a more beautiful structure and add character to downtown.”