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At Home with The Ramseys
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Who: Sam and Becky Ramsey; Prince, purebred Maine Coon cat, and Miss Opal, pastel calico cat

The home: Ridgeline; Self-designed, late Georgian-style architecture, built by Wales, Charles and Clifford Ellis

Year built: 1984

The basics: 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 3,000 square feet on a 1.25 acre lot

Amenities: Family room, bonus room, recreation room, marble fireplace with gas logs, spa and exercise pool

Becky's favorite room: "I love [the living/music] room because this is where the pianos are and I spend a lot of time in here. I have the organ here too. I have a keyboard back there too, so I spend a good bit of time in here. And, of course, the kitchen. I love the kitchen; I like to cook. Well, I like the morning room too because that's a great place to just take a cup of coffee and finish reading the paper, do some planning or whatever. Those are all fun areas for me."

Sam's favorite room: "My favorite room in the house is the dining room, I think. One reason I like it so is it's got a beautiful Georgian dining room suit in there that was made by one of the most famous American furniture manufacturers, who no longer is in business. They made some great furniture in their day. Another reason it's a favorite place for me is there's usually something on the table to eat."

Why this home: "We really enjoyed building this house. Sam and I had wanted to build a house and he kept expanding the business and various things and finally we decided, ‘well, we better go ahead and do it if we're going to.' There were lots of things that we worked into the house from historic places that give it the look that we wanted," Becky said.

Major renovation projects: "A couple of years ago we expanded the deck area," Becky said. "We added a little to our den, made it a little larger," Sam said.

To-do list: "The family room actually could be a home theater if we moved the television. We got our TV not too long ago, and we might at some point consider sectional furniture at the other end of the room, move [the TV] to the wall," Becky said.