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Arrests for attempt to steal alcohol
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One man and one teen were arrested early Thursday morning, after an observant delivery driver alerted authorities to two suspicious men hanging out around the back of Walmart.

When officers met with the driver, he explained that there had been approximately 25 burglaries in the Atlanta area in the last month, and when he saw the two men hanging out behind the store where no one should be, he called 911. Walmart management was also notified when the two entered the store around 2:57 a.m.

The manager met with officers and told them the two had been seen around the beer and wine section and that he recognized them from prior incidents where they would come into the store late at night and shoplift. He told officers that one was wearing a black bubble jacket and purple pants, while the other was dressed in black pants and a tan hooded sweatshirt. Some officers stayed by the doors of the store while others made their way to the beer and wine section of the store.

Officers met the two men, dressed as the manager had described, walking down the aisle with their hands under their big jackets. When asked what they were doing, neither responded, according to reports and both refused to remove their hands from inside their jackets where officers could see they both had "something bulky" concealed.

Just as officers were about to draw their weapons, both men finally brought their hands out. The bulky items officers had seen were bottles of wine. One man, 25-year-old Tony Abayomi Babalade, had one bottle of wine. The other, a 16-year-old, had two bottles. Both were handcuffed and transported to the Newton County Detention Center.

Babalade was charged with theft by shoplifting. The juvenile, who was reportedly under the influence of alcohol at the time, was charged with theft by shoplifting and consumption of alcohol under 21. Officers contacted his mother, an assistant manager with Walmart in Conyers, who came and picked her son up.