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Alcohol allowed outside Your Pie
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Diners at the new Your Pie on the Covington Square will be able to enjoy an alcoholic beverage sitting outside in front of the restaurant after a vote by the Covington City Council Monday night.

The council voted to recognize a railed in area in front of the restaurant, located in the historic Mayfield Building, as an extension of the premises. Therefore, diners will consume alcohol sold by Your Pie while sitting in the small patio-type area.

“With the times we’re living in now, when you start studying some other cities and how they’re thriving this is part of it,” Mayor Ronnie Johnston said. “Does it mean everyone partakes and everyone’s evil? No it does not.

“I’ve said many times, ‘Do I want to turn our whole square into a drunken, crazy mess? No.’ What I do want to do is have some place for people to have a good time and be comfortable.”

Your Pie co-owner Ross Bradley requested alcohol be allowed in the outdoor seating area adjacent to the building on the sidewalk. The seating area would be defined by a railing that goes out from each side of the door to Your Pie, leaving an 8-foot right-away for pedestrians.

“This is something that we felt was important for us to be able to display what the Covington Square has to offer as far as atmosphere and ambiance,” Bradley said.

The council voted unanimously to permit alcohol in the outdoor seating area, with councilmen Chris Smith and Kenneth Morgan saying they preferred a railed-in space.

“The fence is the safe haven for me,” Smith said to Bradley. “I don’t like the concept of buying a beer at say Amici’s and walking down the street with it to have dinner at Mystic Grill. But I don’t mind it in front of your establishment. For me, personally, I don’t have a problem with it as long as it is done to this specification.”

Your Pie will offer brick oven pizzas, paninis and chopped salads all for $7.99 with a build-your-own style line.