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$580 stolen from church preschool
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Employees with a church preschool reported that a woman stole money and checks from their purses on Friday afternoon. A deputy with the Newton County Sheriff's Office responded to Stewart Baptist Church Road to the preschool in reference to a theft just before 2:30 p.m.

Three employees at the school who said around 10:30 a.m. that morning, a black female, who was well dressed and appeared to be in her early 50s knocked on the door and asked to use the restroom. One of the employees said she thought the woman was with the church group who was at the church helping to clean up the grounds so she let the woman in. The woman used the restroom next to the dining hall and the employees said their purses were sitting on the table in the dining hall next to the restroom. About an hour after the woman left, one of the employees discovered $180 was missing from her purse. She called another employee who had already left the church, who checked her purse and found that $400 along with six to eight personal checks that were written to the church's preschool from the parents were missing from her purse. The parents who wrote the checks were called and told to cancel their checks.

The employees asked the group on location who were cleaning if they knew who the black woman was, but they said they did not know the woman. No other items were missing or tampered with.

Shots fired at woman leaving gas station
A woman said she was followed and shot at after she left the gas station on Sunday night. A Covington police officer was dispatched to the QuikTrip on U.S. Highway 278 around 11:30 p.m. in reference to a woman saying she was being shot at. The woman told the officer on the phone that she was driving away from the gas station and that a silver two door Grand Am was following her as she was traveling towards Cedar Ridge Drive. The officer met with the woman on Carlton Trail. She told the officer that while she was at the gas station, a man who she identified to police and two other males were at the gas pumps.

The woman said she and one of the males' sister had words with each other. The woman said she and her friend left the gas station and headed to her friends house at Cedar Ridge. As they left the gas station, the Grand Am followed them traveling north on Emory Street and someone shot three gun shots at them from the vehicle. The woman said she immediately called 911 as they were driving. The officer described the woman as "visibly shaken." The police officer went back to the QuikTrip and spoke with the attendant who said he did see three black men come into the store. The attendant said he would have the manager make a copy of the DVD showing the males enter the store.

Dine and dash
Three men reportedly left a restaurant without paying for their dinner on Monday night. A Covington police officer responded to Longhorn Steakhouse located at Pavilion Way in reference to a theft just before 10 p.m., after dispatch informed the officer that three males had left the restaurant without paying for their meal.

The males were seen leaving in a white Mercury Cougar, but the officer was unable to locate the men. A manager at the restaurant said two white males and a mixed male asked their waiter for a to-go box and when the waiter went to the back of the restaurant to grab the to-go box, all three males ran out of the business. The waitress told the officer that she recognized one of the men and she told the officer who she thought it was. The total amount of the bill was $74.91.

Lost and found
A woman who reportedly misplaced her license was threatened by text message that it had been found on Monday. A Covington police officer responded to a home on Turner Street in reference to a theft around 10:30 p.m. The officer spoke to a woman who said she went to the QuikTrip on U.S. Highway 278 to purchase cigarettes and she pulled out her ID to verify her age.

The woman then left QuikTrip and returned back to her home. She said around 10 p.m., she began receiving text messages from a number she did not recognize that said they had her driver's license. The officer reviewed the several text messages, which reportedly stated the woman was "wanted" and had a warrant out for her arrest and that she needed to turn herself in. The woman said she may have left her license behind on the counter at the gas station or that it may have dropped outside when she was pulling out her keys to get back into her truck.

Before the officer arrived, she called the unknown number and the person on the phone said they were busy, in a meeting and could not talk. The police officer sent a text message from the woman's phone stating who he was and that they needed to return the license to QuikTrip. The officer also called the number, but the call went straight to voicemail which had not been setup yet.

The officer went to QuikTrip to speak with the clerk who said she wasn't aware if the woman left her license. The clerk said they would review their surveillance tape to see if the woman in fact left her license.