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$5 Christmas tree lights cut
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Police were called to a home on Emory Street when a woman noticed her Christmas lights had been cut.
According to reports, the complainant said that someone cut one of the strands of her $4.99 lights on her porch. The complaintant said she had been arguing with another woman about her talking with that woman’s uncle and the complainant thought it might have been her, since the women reportedly told her not to speak to her uncle.
Officers took a report and noted that the Christmas lights were indeed cut and that strand did not work.

Police cars are not taxis
Gino T. Shepherd was arrested early Friday morning after reportedly calling 911 several times requesting a ride.
During their first call, officers spoke with Shepherd who was at the Rainbow Shelter. He allegedly said that no one was harming him but that he “just couldn’t stay there” and wanted a ride to Newton Medical Center. Officers told Shepherd to go in and go to sleep (since it was after 2 a.m.); since he had told officers he had someone coming to pick him up around noon.

About 40 minutes later, Shepherd called again. The dispatcher told officers that it was his third call to 911, and that he had called around 1:30 a.m. asking for a ride to the hospital. She said he had called several times the week before for the same reason.

Shepherd reportedly told officers that he didn’t want to stay at the shelter and that they could either take him to the hospital or arrest him, because he was going to keep calling. He said he did not have the money for a taxi and refused to go back in and go to sleep, according to reports.

Officers told Shepherd they would take him to the hospital this once, but that he couldn’t continue to call 911 for a ride. He allegedly told them he didn’t need to go to the hospital; he just didn’t want to stay at the shelter.
So officers decided to grant Shepherd his second request, and arrested him for unlawful conduct during a 911 call. He was taken to the Newton County Jail.