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1,800 Georgia Department of Defense personnel respond to COVID-19
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More than 1,800 members of the Army National Guard, Air National Guard, and volunteers from the State Defense Force are currently supporting the COVID-19 response effort. The Georgia National Guard Joint Task Force has deployed more than 30 Infection Control Teams (ICTs) to long-term care facilities, and 17 Medical Support Teams (MSTs) to hospitals while simultaneously supporting nine food banks from Valdosta to Dalton. In addition, the Joint Task Force is providing personnel and equipment support to the Georgia Emergency Management Agency and Georgia Department of Public Health.

“The Georgia National Guard stands ready to assist in this time of need,” said Adjutant General Tom Carden. “Our training has prepared us to fight this virus, and we are eager to lend a hand in this battle.”

In the coming days, the Ga. DoD will continue to support long care facilities, hospitals, and food banks to assist the citizens of Georgia and alleviate human suffering.

Unit Operations

The largest mission assigned to the Georgia Guard Joint Task Force is the utilization of ICTs. These teams are creating a safer environment in Georgia's many long-term care facilities. 

Presently, our MSTs are assisting hospital professional medical staff at each facility to enable them to focus on critical life-saving requirements. The teams are comprised of service members with medical training.

Both ICTs and MSTs do not exist during normal operations. They are "purpose built" capabilities generated in response to the public health state of emergency. 

The Georgia National Guard will continue to partner with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency and the Georgia Department of Health to ensure that we provide the service, support, and direct action necessary to mitigate the impact of COVID 19.